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The One-Eyed Show

  • The One-Eyed Show -- kind of.

About The Band

Since 1991, TOES has seen a lot of things, covered a lot of miles, written a lot of music, and through it all, remained the best of friends.

TOES is a lot of things to a lot of different people. We are family, we are music lovers, players and writers. But above all else, we are close friends. We hope this comes out in our music. Even when we’re not playing music, we hang out together. Over the years, the TOES family has grown to include new members, all sharing the foundation and life lessons learned back in St. Marys, Ohio. We are fortunate to have people who like our music. You know who you are. From the ones that never miss a show, to the ones who buy our songs one by one, please know we appreciate you all.

With our eyes on the prize, it’s true we have changed over the years, and you can bet we’ll continue to forever be remain unsure of direction.

One thing we do know – there will be more music to come. More laughter, more good times, more fun. Stay tuned for what TOES has in store. Hell, we’re anxious to see what happens, too.


(TOES are proud to have co-produced and performed at every Tabfest since 2000.)