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My Sister Sarah

About The Band

My Sister Sarah has been considered to be one of Cincinnati’s most successful and popular “Dance/Party/Show” bands. The band is composed of four truly ridiculously talented and hilarious guys from diverse backgrounds. They have built a reputation for having very high energy performances, stage props, costumes, and unique adaptations and medleys of popular songs. An incredible stage design, a custom built pink dance cage that lights up, and a lead singer who puts on a drag show so good that Rupaul would be jealous. As if that wasn’t enough entertainment, he also dresses up like Red-Foo the lead singer of LMFAO and makes everyone at any venue they perform “Party-Rock”. All this combined makes MSS Cincinnati, Ohio’s premier “show” band.

My Sister Sarah performs live at many of the mid-Wests prominent night spots and also at college parties, weddings, corporate events and benefits. MSS also performs at the legendary “Mr. Ed’s” in Put-in-Bay, and have had the honor of being asked to perform at “Opening Day” in 2011 for their hometown team, the Cincinnati Reds. MSS also performs at the “Jungle -Zone” for the Cincinnati Bengals at least two to three times a year.

A state-of-the-art sound system and light show complements our high-impact performances.  Each show is a memorable experience as they draw the audience into their world, and make them feel like they are part of the show.  This is a definite “crowd participation” band.  They also have introduced a creative and unique marketing campaign to get their fans coming back time and time again with their VIP passes that resemble backstage passes.

Finding a unique approach to what they do has been their niche.  Each set is different from the one before it.  One set could be a group of Ken dolls who will crack you up with their perfect rubber hair and perma-grins that shoot off confetti cannons and will compete with you in a hula-hoop contest.  The next set could be the freshest “hip-hop” group this side of Detroit, who lay down “dope” beats and tracks that even “Snoop Dogg” would be proud of.  Sporting thick oversized gold chains and warm up suits, they drop the “flow” and get “jiggy” with it while performing the hits from the 90’s and the current hot dance tunes.  Don’t forget about the Eastern European gigolos dressed like they just got of the set of “Staying Alive” who will flirt with your women and get you to pick up their bar tab.

This is a must see band!  Hiring My Sister Sarah for your event or club is a safe and good business decision… if you want a guaranteed crowd pleaser.