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Glostik Willy

About The Band

Glostik Willy is a Rock/Metal/Alternative band from Indiana that is made up of brothers Jay Moe & Ralf Mowf, with lifelong friend Buddha Aguilar. Glostik has spent many years crafting their unique style that has helped them to become the top midwest rock band. A wide variety of influences combined with years of crafting, has created a monster that can be seen every time the band takes the stage.

Glostik has been touring nationally in the US since 2015, released 2 full-length studio albums, and has hosted more than 7 music festivals. Currently, the band is working on their third studio album with plans set to release several singles throughout the summer and fall of 2018. Glostik Willy is hosting the 4th annual Willy Town Music Festival in Troy, OH which will feature 3 nights of music, art, and camping.

Glostik Willy proudly endorses Christopher Woods Guitars, Spaun Drums, Weber Speakers, and InTune Guitar Picks.